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Water Tank Cleaning

Effective tank cleaning is essential in helping to achieve and maintain high standards of quality, cleanliness and efficiency. But due to their structure, tanks can be difficult and hazardous to clean. Home Touch Facility Management Services LLC Uses Falch machines to clean all types of tanks; ballast tanks, reactor tanks, pressure vessels, mixing and storage tanks.

Construction Cleaning

Our staff here at Toch Home Cleaners is well experienced in the cleaning and restoration of construction projects. From new builds and single houses to large sized Housing estates and Development plots, we know what to do and we get our work done professionally and on time.

Building Cleaning

With access to an extensive range of residential and commercial cleaning service providers, We can solve your cleaning problems with our free comparison service. Sourcing cleaning services across the UAE we have national scope with a local focus. Whatever cleaning service you need, however difficult it is to locate, We have access to cleaning providers who can meet your requirements.

Window Cleaning

Our certified rope access window cleaning team can wash the windows high up on your building safely, efficiently and cost effectively. Our team will be safely anchored into the roof using eyebolt anchor points as required and quickly descend down your high rise building, washing every window you have on every level, using safe rope access techniques.

Commercial Cleaning

A full Specification and schedule of works are designed and agreed to meet your needs, they will include all areas in your office. Any size office from a single room to multiple floors, they will all receive the same high stranded of care and cleaning. We work hard to make place spotless and to keep it looking spotless.

Upholstery Cleaning

Toch Home offers professional upholstery cleaning services in Dubai, UAE to match your requirements at a reasonable price. We are providing service for sofa, carpet, rugs, mattress, & armchairs cleaning service within Dubai, UAE to the residential and commercial sector. Our upholstery cleaning services team is fully trained and highly motivated in professional for upholstery cleaning.