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Window Cleaning

Our certified rope access window cleaning team can wash the windows high up on your building safely, efficiently and cost effectively. Our team will be safely anchored into the roof using eyebolt anchor points as required and quickly descend down your high rise building, washing every window you have on every level, using safe rope access techniques. All of the technicians are trained and certified commercial abseilers and safety is paramount. We come with ourselves, rope, anchors, and handheld equipment. That’s it. What this means for you is significant cost savings because you don’t have to worry about getting permits for and we don’t have expensive equipment to charge you for.

Instead, you get highly skilled abseiling professionals taking care of the window cleaning so that your employees and customers can enjoy the view from the tenth floor, the twentieth floor and even the fiftieth! Other options will get the job done, but not to the same extent. We can get to even the hardest to reach windows because we go where the rope goes – which is everywhere. We’re not limited by scaffolding, lifts or the height of a cherry picker. And since there’s no equipment to set up or breakdown, your windows will get cleaned without anyone knowing that we’re there. Parking spaces and pavements will remain free for people to park and walk along. And since we are more cost effective, you can put us on a maintenance schedule so that your high rise windows are washed and cleaned on a more regular basis.