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Maintenance Packages

We aim to become the most successful property maintenance company in UAE offering exceptional customer services and value for money in a friendly family environment and we are providing AMC package as per customer needs

Services Includes:

1.Emergency call outs : Unlimited – one hour response ( 24/7 )

Emergencies defined as-

a) Complete failure of A/C system in the premises
b) Complete failure of electrical power in the premises
c) Complete failure of water system pressure
d) Complete failure of plumbing drainage system

2.Routine Corrective Maintenance Service Calls ( 24/7 )

Each signature contract residence has unlimited routine call – outs every month and these will be placed on a calendar for routine work.
Routine services defined as minor system failures like;
a) Repair of AC system problems
b) Repair of electrical system problems
c) Repair of plumbing system problem

A preventive maintenance program will be put in place for all Electrical, Air Conditioning and Plumbing systems, which will involve three planned visits per year as broadly detailed below:

  1. a) A/C technician will conduct three scheduled inspections per year of all systems to ensure, they are functioning within operational parameters in accordance with manufacturer’s operating maintenance manuals.
  2. b) Electrician to inspect proper operation of circuit breakers, isolators, power monitor indicators, power sockets, receptacles, and motor controllers.
  3. c) Plumbing technicians will ensure delivery of water at flow rates without irregular noise and vibrations as dictated by specifications and inspect waste water systems


The below services will provided on a quotation basis and are not included in the AMC.

a) Pest control treatment
b) Carpentry work such as curtain poles, wardrobe and cabinet finishes, replacing door locks, screens and latches
c) Complete installation/ replacement of units or systems such as AC units, doors, windows, vanities, basins, light fixtures, garden lights etc
d) Replacement of insulation or ductwork, ductwork cleaning, duct disinfection
e) Fixing & grouting of tiles
f) Repairing of electric gates
g) Masonry civil works
h) Painting
i) Exterior Villa Façade Washing, Window Cleaning
j) Annual Maintenance Contract for Villa Cleaning – Internal Cleaning with agreed schedules and frequency.
k) Appliances
l) Main structural problems of existing buildings.
m) Main infrastructure problems ( including main water tank )
n) Design and installation / construction issues of existing property.
o) Consequential damage due to failure of any equipment/ systems within the property.
p) Building maintenance system ( BMS )
q) Irrigation system
r) Swimming pool maintenance & cleaning
s) Other Water Tanks
t) Window Cleaning

Please Note: A site survey may be carried out to ascertain if the requested work are feasible.

Please Note:

  1. Spare parts that needs to be replaced will be charged at cost plus handling fee.
  2. Water & Electricity to be supplied by the customer