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Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

We offer standard maintenance and valeting programmes. We can also tailor a package to suit your individual budget and requirements.

Listed below is a selection of our standard packages.

Swimming Pool Health Check:

The Health Check is a brand new service that we offer. The Health Check ensures your pool is in tiptop condition, ready for use. Any problems found are rectified before any real issues occur. Once our detailed inspection has been carried out we will prepare a full report including any recommendations we feel suitable.

Deluxe Swimming Pool Care Programme

Our Deluxe Programme is designed to give you the best all year round care. If you would like your pool to be managed all year, our Deluxe Programme is best suited for you. From May through to September we will carry out bi-weekly valets on your pool. We will also ensure your chemicals are up to date and sufficiently stocked to keep your pool running. Please note; chemicals used are included in the annual fee. Close down in October and Opening in April (from the Winter Programme) are also included.

Winter Swimming Pool Care Programme

Customers wanting ‘peace of mind’ during the freezing months opt for this Programme. We will drain your plant to guard against potential frost damage. We will also valet the pool in the autumn and spring. Monthly visits are set between October and March to maintain water quality, water levels and to keep debris out of the pool. The pool will be opened again in the spring ready for use. Close down in October and Opening in April. Please note; chemicals used are included in the fee.

Open only Swimming Pool Care

Opening your pool normally takes us a couple of visits. We will ensure the pool and water is in excellent condition ready for you to swim again. We will re-assemble all equipment and undertake a full valet administering chemicals and adjusting pH levels.

Service includes:

  • Vacuum the pool
  • Brush the walls & tiles.
  • Empty the skimmer baskets
  • Clean or backwash the filter
  • Empty the pump & filter basket
  • Skim away any surface debris
  • Test and adjust the chemicals
  • Leave a service ticket, reporting what we do.