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Marble Flooring

Stone can be fitted on to a floating floor that exhibits minimal deflection, so installing the floor heating over a flat level surface using insulation material with high compressive strength is essential. Special substrates such as Knauf Brio are beneficial for tiling on floating floors but manufacturer’s guidance should be followed.

Tile Flooring

The best floor coverings for use with under floor heating are hard surfaces such as stone and ceramic tile as they have the least resistance and transfer heat effectively. As the most thermally conductive of all floor coverings, energy from the heating pipe array can transfer quickly to the surface of the stone/tile. Increasing the thickness will have little effect on power output,

False Ceiling

Whether you are a retail or commercial business, you will be amazed by our simple solutions and quality workmanship. We give you best deal that we can, with free site surveys, a free design service and competitive prices you won’t argue with.

Gypsum Partition

We specialize in creating and installing partitions that are the perfect way to create separation in your working environment. Our partitions can help you divide your shop in order to highlight different products and ranges, and we offer both straight and curved solutions that are made in a variety of different materials.

Glass & Wooden Partition

Glass Wall partitions are an increasing feature in today’s modern office environment. They provide plenty of light emission and an ‘open plan’ feel to the office environment. They are non-load bearing and can be single or double glazed, and can have internal blinds fitted for added privacy.

Water proofing Services

We provides waterproofing solutions for basement, roof, walls, swimming pools, water tanks, bathrooms & kitchens and balconies.We apply waterproofing membrane, cementitious waterproofing and bitumen waterproofing methods to provide reliable waterproofing services for the protection of buildings and infrastructure.